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About  Dugout Broadcasting

Hello wonderful people!
I'm not good at the whole "Tell me about ...." thing, but here it goes this is the story of how I started this media company.
 I'm a full blown New Yorker. I've lived in almost every part of the state including, Upstate, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. I'll say it again, Full Blown New Yorker. ;)

 I've loved Baseball since I was little, which can totally be blamed on my grandfather and my father. With this love came passion and the creation of Dani's Dugout, a Podcast all about the Yankees and baseball in general. Since beginning this podcast the concept of Dani's Dugout changed into a full blown media company where women will be the only voices you hear unless we have guests on! I hope you enjoy all the media content coming your way!

 xoxo, Dani

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