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Covid thoughts from the Dugout

World Wars--Depressions--Terrorist attacks. What do all these things have in common? Sports! Sports helped to entertain people during these horrific tragedies. 

NOW...COVID-19. This was a curveball no one expected.

    But what makes this disaster different from all the others just listed? Obviously there are many things, but for the first time in almost centuries, there are NO sports! Basketball and hockey seasons cut short; baseball and football seasons are in question. What will help to entertain us during this strange moment in time?

     This is a weird moment in our history; a moment we will all get through--that I am not worried about. COVID-19 came out of left field and has robbed us of so many things. For me, the greatest loss I’ve felt is sports and missing my Yankees. Some of you may think this is a small issue; you may think it is strange; or maybe, this hits home for you.

      Baseball is a huge part of who I am. It's a feeling I know I share with many people. I know my fellow sports fans feel this loss with me, not just the baseball fans. The parents who were going to take their kids to their first game this year; the guy who is "secretly" watching the game in his office cubicle; the crew at the bar you bonded with over a team; NBA, NHL, NFL fans. We take this a step further and say Olympic fans, Theater fans, and fans of any kind... except video games (those kids are thriving).

      Sports have a special way of defining us (our households, how we represent our love for the game, the logos we wear proudly on our caps and jerseys). And like many things as a result of this pandemic, it feels like something deeper is missing in our lives without sports. 

   Human beings as a whole never had a time without some type of sport.  Truly...let that sink in.  From the Gladiator age ("Are you not entertained?") to now, there was always a sport for the people to watch. It's more than just the sport itself; it’s the sense of belonging and comradery that brings people together. To the people who have lost the one thing that helps you get through the daily grind--I am writing to YOU.

     I'm the fan who took her knowledge and "fandom" and created something out of it.  I can't fully express the ultimate joy I find from talking about baseball every day.  It's something that fuels my soul.  Before starting my podcast, I got my thrill by talking to people daily, at my bar--current games, things around the league; and my favorite, schooling men who would test my knowledge because they thought I didn't know anything.  Those were the best times.

     When I lost sports, I felt like I lost everything. Sports then bars closing down--it was all gone.  Now all there is to do is chill in the house reminiscing.  Big game comebacks; first HR for a new player; the bottom of the 9th wins and losses.  Yes, we can talk about what we think will happen--the history of the game, etc. But after so long it sucks to think, at times, if there will be a season at all.  That every day, a constant part of you and your life was snatched away.  Yes, it sucks; especially to any type of sports fan to whom sports have always been a constant.

     So, if you are a sports fan and you made it this far in my ramble, I want you to know I understand what you can't express because I have a tough time explaining it to people as well. Just know that our favorite gates and doors will open again, sports will return. When they do, I know our teams will play better than ever, and we will cheer like we never have before. Our feet will stick to the ground from throwing our drinks in excitement and anger... and at the Astros. Right now, we just have to chill in the dugout and wait for the call. 

Stay strong my fellow sports lovers...We got this

P.S.  Thank you to all the people who are risking their health and lives getting us through this terrible time. You are the real heroes!!

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3 comentarios

28 abr 2020

Good post. I am a die hard sports fan. This time is showing how much sports is important to me. I feel like I plan I know what day it is cause I know what sports are on that day.

Me gusta

27 abr 2020

It's hard not having sports never in my life would i have missed so much

Me gusta

27 abr 2020

Great post. I relate to this so much. Sports have always been my life. Yankees baseball was my first love. Fantasy baseball my 2nd. Can't wait for sports to start up again, especially baseball..

Me gusta
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