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Number 2, Derek Jeter, number 2

Oh captain my captain, how all Yankee fans will forever love you. You are a class act on the field and off the field. You may have worn number two, but you are Number One to a lot of 90’s kids (and older.) As of Tuesday, you have joined the Hall of Fame, and it boggles my mind how fast time has gone. I will never forget going to Yankee Stadium cheering your name; being in the bleachers your last home game; and getting to Really call your name for the last time. You and the core four were my childhood; and I can’t thank you enough for all the epic memories.

Captain Clutch congratulations on joining the Hall of Fame. We all knew this day was

coming, and to be honest I’m shocked it was 99.7 percent. I was rooting for the vote to be

unanimous; but I am also logical. As much as you were great (and you were great) you are not Mo; and Mo to me deserved unanimous. You deserved what you got-- maybe not by one vote. I honestly was expecting at least 5 or 6 short of 100%. I was expecting you to have a percentage closer too Griffey. But to get where you got, and to be 99.7% is truly exceptional I wouldn’t want to see anyone else right below MO. Only two baseball players deserve those slots my eyes and those two players got them.


Thank you for leading my team my entire childhood and continuing to be the great man

you are. Congratulations again Captain.


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