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Where to eat in NYC

Traveling to NYC for a Yankees game and want to also explore the city but just don't know

where to start. I got you! 

Growing up in New York I have seen a lot and after covid life may not be all the same but the amazing food that is produced in NYC… has not changed!! 

Now first off when you get to new york you must have 4 things no ifs no ands or buts! You're

eating them and you have 0 choices in the matter. 

1. Go to Joe’s Pizza ( 14th street is preferred but whatever)

Get a slice you will be so happy you did! Or Made in New York in the west village right next to White Horse Tavern.

2. Buy a dirty water hot dog!

I said what I  said, get the toppings you like just eat it, It's amazing and if they try to make you pay 4 dollars, haggle with them! They already made the hot dog trust me if anything you will save a dollar.

3. Get a Bacon Egg and Cheese Salt Pepper Ketchup! ON A ROLL.

4. Go to Essa or Tompkins bagels and get a bagel.

Now that the basics are out of the way let's get into the nitty-gritty of the city and where you should also eat.

These are going to be pricey (it's NYC after all), I won't lie BUT WORTH IT!

1. Tacos Güey

Reservation is a must

On 19th street btw 6th and 5th 

This spot is absolute FIRE!

Side note the ambiance is perfect for a second date! From the cocktails to every food item they offer you won't go wrong. 

Now my suggestions if you are drinking start with the That Güey frozen cocktail is so good and I think when we went here last my brother and boyfriend had at least 5 a piece. 

Now on to the food

Tuna Crudo. Just do it don't ask questions. 

Each taco is delicious in its own way I have had all of them but the chicken but my brother had

the chicken and he approves.

However, if you are not looking for just small plates and want the main course 

The lamb shank is drool-worthy and does not disappoint! 

2. Keens Steak House

Reservation is a must 

Located on 36th street btw 5th and 6th ave

Steakhouse royalty is exactly what this place is it is the second oldest steak house in the city!

Side note Yankee fans when you go here and look up you will see a bunch of old pipes (keens has one of the largest collections of clay smoking pipes in the world)… ask your waiter which one is Babe Ruth’s!! 

Now I'm not making any suggestions here just eat what you want it's all AMAZING! Keens is

my favorite steakhouse in the city. 

However, they are famous for their mutton chop.

3.Norma Gastronomia siciliana

They don't take reservations

Located on 3rd ave btw 30th and 31st (this is my preferred location there is one in hells kitchen too) 

If you love Italian food you will love this restaurant 

As a Sicilian woman raised on this food no place does Sicilian better (other than

grandma of course.) 

First and foremost get the caponata I literally dream of this food at times and miss being able to walk and get takeout! 

Second, come hungry because you are gonna want to try multiple things and have a typical Italian feast

And lastly, just get the damn pasta you know you want it and you will not be disappointed!

Now on to some bars shall we 

Well if you are there for a Yankees game… you already know 

3 spots you have to hit 

1. Stans

2. Yankee tavern

3. Billys 

These are the classics and the staples! ( Dugout is solid too)

Now for nonbronx bars

Jimmys corner

located on 44th street btw broadway and 6th

One of the oldest dive bars left in the city and my old place of work! God do I miss this place

(never thought I would say that)  if you love boxing this is the place to go it's epic! The history

and photos all around the bar are the best! But to top it all off… IT'S SO CHEEP that's right! The most expensive thing you will get there is max. nine bucks! And it's probably a Mcallen 12.

If you are looking for more of a boujee atmosphere diagonally across the street from jimmy’s is

a steak house called...

Hunt & Fish Club 

located on 44th st btw broadway and 6th

Their bar crew is excellent (if Jwill or Xavier is working tell them I say hi and I miss them) their cocktails are even better! They also change seasonally so you never know what has changed!! 

But again I must state BOUJEE 


Honestly just go bar crawling you can literally throw a rock in NYC and hit a pub and it's amazing each place has its own charm and I guarantee you will enjoy yourself!

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